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Carlos Roberto Paz Wells, better known as "Charlie", is the first of the three children of Mrs. Rose Marie and Mr. Carlos Paz Garcia. He was born in Lima, Peru, on February 10, 1954. His father, the famous researcher Carlos Paz Garcia, established in 1955 the first research institute in Latin America to study the UFO phenomena called the I.P.R.I. (Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations).

Charlie studied in the Saint Luiz Gonzaga School in Lima, later undertaking general studies in the University of Lima.

In 1976 he gained a scholarship to study in Brazil at the Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo. He graduated with degrees in Communications Sciences, Business Administration, and Marketing. These studies led him to begin his career working in Marketing and Advertising in international companies in Brazil and in United States for more than 25 years.

During his professional life, Charlie wons: 3 Cannes Lion awards and 3 Cannes No Prize awards in Cannes Advertising Awards Festival in France. Also 4 Clio Awards in United States in the Clio Advertising Festival and 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze awards in the FIAP – Ibero-American Advertising Festival in Spain. And many other Brazilian and Latin American advertising awards for several years.

Today, Charlie represents the Enigmas Peru Internet Magazine, the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations of Lima-Perú, the Spain Paranormal Investigation Society of Alicante-Spain and the Sunesis Project in Canada and other countries.

Since 2001, after her 25 years in Brazil, Veronica (Charlie) has been living and working in Oshawa, Canada, where she continues to collaborate with her Brazilian groups as well as those in other countries and works directly with the new ones in Canada.


Sunesis Project

While Veronica (Charlie) was still in Peru in 1975, she established an organization called RAMA PROJECT. This organization was inspired by a contact carried out with entities of extraterrestrial origin. Later on the organization became RAMA - AMAR PROJECT in Brazil and finally, became the SUNESIS PROJECT.

After more than 32 years of providing contacts and interactions with extraterrestrials on a world-wide level, Veronica (Charlie) continues to co-ordinate the activities of groups preparing for events which result in physical contact experiences.

In Brazil, Veronica as Charlie published 2 books regarding her experiences with the extraterrestrials, and 1 about life in the universe and the extraterrestrial influence in the ancient civilizations:

Throughout the years Veronica (Charlie) has been invited to give lectures and interviews on radio, television programs and documentaries in countries such as the United States, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru.

The SUNESIS PROJECT is the new denomination of this world-wide organization of extraterrestrial contacts.


About Sunesis Project - How Everything Began

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