Sunesis Project - How Everything Began

Book "Sowers of Life" ("Os Semeadores de Vida"), by Carlos Roberto Paz Wells
is available to download (PDF). Russian translation - "Сеятели жизни" (PDF).



First group. Click to zoom.The unofficial beginning of the Sunesis Project started on January 31st, 1955, when Mr. Jose Carlos Paz Garcia Corrochano, father of Charlie, established the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations (IPRI) the centre of the Ufo research activities in the country, hosted in the district of Barranco in Lima, Peru. This organization was the environment where this incredible adventure started.

It was on the night of January 22nd in 1974, when during an effort to contact beings of another planet, Carlos Roberto Paz Wells ("Charlie"), his brother Sixto, his sister Rose and some colleagues, using a method called "psychography", achieved after several attempts, contact with a being called Oxalc, who informed the group that it was from Ganymede, a natural satellite of Jupiter.

Charlie was skeptical and contested the experience, fearing that it could be some type of "self mental suggestion" and decided to more deeply explore the situation, questioning the "entity", asking if it was really an extraterrestrial, if it was flesh and bone like us. The entity answered positively to all until the last radical question: "May we be allowed the chance to see it, or some of its ships?". The presumptuous request was answered: "On February the 7th, 60 km south of Lima". If Oxalc appeared, the information received would be proven correct. Preparations for the "encounter" started. Alfredo, Juan Carlos, Roberto, Juan, Enrique, Eduardo, Guilhermo, Sixto and Charlie would form the "expedition".

The place selected for the confirmation was located near a small town called Papa Leon XIII, close to the small city of Chilca.


First Sighting

At night they set out to find the place indicated in the message, as it was easier to move around in the cool of night, than in the heat of day. The path they followed led up to the Santo Domingo de Olleros Mountains, where they hoped to confirm everything... The place chosen for the encounter was a slope between hills in a desert area, typical of the Peruvian coast.

As the time set in the messages approached, one of the boys shouted drawing everybody's attention. Coming from the sea, a light resembling a star came towards the group. To everybody's surprise, an object was approaching them. Their watches indicated 9:00 p.m. As its size grew, the speed decreased, until it stopped very close in front of them.

Photo was taken by one of the members of first groups
Picture taken in Peru by members of first groups
It had a lenticular shape, with an area in the central part where a group of six slightly bluish hatches could be seen. The ship's fuselage was plain, covered by a yellowish light illuminating everything around it. Sometimes orange and blue lights showed at the sides. Besides the light, the ship radiated strong heat but it was not bothersome.

The disk, motionless in the air, was 15 metres from the ground and 80 metres away from the group. Practically static in the air, there was no objectionable noise coming from it; on the contrary, something resembling a bee swarm was heard in the ambience. Charlie started to move towards the disk, while Sixto was questioned by the group as to whether or not the beings were going to descend. When Sixto asked, he was answered: "We are not going to descend now because you do not know how to control your emotions. There will be a preparation, a time and a place...". At that moment, the sound coming from the disk changed abruptly and it started to move slowly. Charlie, who was almost below it, ran, frightened, back to the group. The ship spun slowly, passing above all of them and turning to the sea. A total of twenty minutes had elapsed.

After the impression had gone, they gathered their belongings and came back to Lima, more than euphoric.


Nobody Believed

When they arrived at home, Charlie and Sixto, woke up Mr. Paz, father of both, telling him about the experience. He listened the story very patiently, concluding that, besides exaggerated; they may have taken the disk for a star. The youths stood, embarrassed. They could not believe that their own father refused to believe them. That night they decided to contact the being again and ask him for a new sighting. The answer came. A new encounter would take place the next Saturday February 16th at the same place, and the presence of other people was permitted. They did not take it for granted. They requested of Mr. Paz a meeting for Wednesday night with the institute members in order to tell them what had happened and convince them that another encounter would happen. Unconvinced, Mr. Paz nevertheless agreed to call the meeting. In a climate of great expectation and curiosity, the young men narrated their odyssey. However, the story had a mixed reception: some believed, others found it much too fantastic and others did not know what to think. Yet, in the middle of that confusion an idea took hold: what if it was true? Uncertainty claimed a spot in everybody's mind. Anyway, on the afternoon of February 16th, 1974, about 40 people headed towards the Chilca desert.


Another Witnesses

As the appointed time given by the extraterrestrials neared, the boys started searching in the sky. At that moment a lady shouted: "There, I am seeing, they are three..." Then a sepulchral silence enveloped the group. Everybody was looking at the mountains. There, close to the hills, three brilliant spots came at full speed towards the group. The objects offered a carnival of maneuvers, odd and dazzling movements, while the observers' hysterical laughter filled the night. Finally, the display finished and silence set in again.


First physical encounter. Important Message

In the following months, many others established communication with beings related to Oxalc, and the field trips became a routine. Many months of hard work passed until the day for a physical encounter came. Months later, the group has a physical encounter with Antar Sherart, a guide from Apu. Inside the spaceship, Antar led them up to an apparatus resembling a TV set located in a panel embedded in the living room wall. Pointing to the screen he told them: "This is the future of your planet..." At that moment an image appeared on the screen, showing desert, and barren and dry plains. "The future of your world will be like this". One of the boys asked: "But I do not see life, where is it? The being replied: "Is man by chance worried at least for his own?" The being pointed out that humankind's continuity was at risk and that they were willing to help. The being continued, saying: "You all have conditions to consolidate a marvelous future and guarantee an era of great accomplishments. Up to this point, we have been with you and given proof of our good intentions. We want you to help your people to attain their freedom and break the limitations that imprison them within themselves, preventing their awareness of what surrounds them. You can do this and much more; we will help you. You must choose. To continue with the commitment, or the end of this adventure... we will meet again..." Finishing, Antar walked them to the door and said goodbye. They were perplexed, worried and scared.


Decision to Continue

The days passed by and they seriously pondered the Guide's words. In the end, they decided to continue and the encounters started again. The Guides trained and oriented them for whatever they would face, until the day a new encounter would take place at a totally different location. The Guides summoned them to Marcahuasi, or "two story house" in the Quechua dialect. It was a mountainous plateau in the Andes Mountains, at some 4200 m above sea level and 80 Km from Lima.

Without wasting any time they headed towards the Santa Eulalia Valley, the mountains only access. Later, on top of the plateau, the group had an important physical contact that would come to solidify the beginning of Rama's public work. The spaceship commanded by Ashtar Sheran, came to alert the group that upon their return to Lima, the media would be allowed to learn of what they were doing. Upon returning to Lima, they stopped first at Mr. Carlos Paz's residence where he was being interviewed by a group of journalists from "El Comercio" newspaper.


First Information to the Media

When Mr. Paz noticed that his children had arrived, he Oscar, Paco, Charlie, Sixto and David commented to the journalists: "...My children have just returned from a contact with several flying saucers". This statement made the journalists fall upon the young men, asking the group, which at that moment was astonished to find themselves in that situation, everything about their experience. Remembering the Guide's message the boys told all. Days later, the news that a group of young men kept an intelligent and constant contact with extraterrestrial beings, circulated throughout Peru. The EFE news agency published a small statement that reached Europe. It said: "...Five Peruvian young men made contact with extraterrestrial beings at the Marcahuasi plateau. As a result of a contact process, five Peruvian young men went to Marcahuasi, a plateau located at 80 Km from Lima and 4,200 m of altitude. They stayed there several days in order to make contact with the UFO's crew from Ganymede, Jupiter's largest natural moon. Mr. Carlos Paz Garcia, president of the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations, told EFE".


Journalist Juan Jose Benitez and His UFO Sighting

Juan Jose BenitezThis news circulated throughout the world, creating a wave of great controversy about the phenomenon's authenticity. EFE, the Spanish news agency, assigned the task of verifying the veracity of the facts to a modest journalist, Juan Jose Benitez Lopez, from "La Gaceta del Norte", newspaper of Bilbao, Spain. Upon his arrival to Lima, the skeptical journalist contacted the agency representatives. After several weeks, Benitez had interviewed more than once, each member of the Institute that affirmed having had contact. In none of the interviews he detected something that could indicate a fraud. Finally, he came to Charlie and said: "I am soon returning to Spain and, although I have not found any direct evidence of fraud, I have gleaned nothing that could fully convince me either. If the extraterrestrials find me useful, I would like to have proof".

J.J.Benitez book "OVNIS: SOS a la humanidad". Click to zoomOnce he finished, Charlie replied: "…It is not us who can give proof, it is them. Therefore we will make contact and will ask them". The next day, Benitez got a call at the hotel from Charlie. He was told that he had been invited to a contact along with 7 other people, on September 7th at the Chilca plains, where their contacts had taken place before. Benitez went to the scheduled encounter, having as a result the sighting of several objects, which, coming out of the clouds, projected a light beam in front of the journalist, before the astonished faces of all present. Upon returning to Spain, he wrote for weeks about his amazing experience in full-page articles in the Gaceta del Norte. He later turned those articles into a book entitled "UFO's: S.O.S. to Humanity" published in Spain in 1975 by Plaza & Janes of Barcelona, Spain.

The following year, Benitez returned to Peru with another journalist and photographer, Fernando Mugica. They were once more invited to a physical, scheduled contact. This event was recorded in the book titled "100,000 km After the UFO's" by Plaza & Janes also.


RAMA Project. First Groups

At the beginning of 1975, after receiving from the Guides, orientations and instructions about how to proceed with new potential groups, Charlie founded the RAMA PROJECT in Peru. The name at the time was taken in regards to the word "LOVE" backwards in Spanish. In the beginning, Charlie was responsible for structuring and organizing the exercises and tasks, as well as for drafting a rudimentary guide of training and field practices. A work method was established. Some time later, Charlie formed other working groups that quickly multiplied.

By the end of 1975, Charlie gained a scholarship to Brazil; he traveled there in February 1976. Before he left, an Instructors Counsel was structured to ensure the groups' continuity. Charlie provided them with a detailed program of practices and norms that would preserve, in a clear and ordered manner, the Rama Process of Development and Contact.

In 1976, with Charlie in Brazil, Rodolfo Aramayo and other instructors in charge of the groups, having had leadership problems with the rest, received instructions to ask for Sixto's help. Sixto quickly accepted and assumed the work together with the instructors, of ordering the groups.

With Sixto leading the groups left by Charlie, and with the work program increasing little by little, the groups were advancing and spreading the Rama experience throughout the world. Later on, Sixto changed the RAMA Project name for RAHMA MISSION, following a very different approach in regards to how to be in touch with the extraterrestrials and about the self-development process.

Today, after years of experience and group work in Peru and other parts of the world as well, Rahma and Rama finds itself in a new contact and development phase. Although counting on a vast human contingent scattered throughout various countries, only Charlie remained from those who originally started the process.

Extraterrestrial Guides 


Our contacts with the Guides happen in all of the groups presently involved in our work, reason why we decided to break apart from any relation with the other groups and founded a new organization denominate SUNESIS Project. This is the name given to the new phase of the process we are presently experiencing. We continue to offer everyone a reference frame necessary for their development, and the certainty that they are treading on a coherent, free and clear path towards the comprehension of the role man plays in this fantastic and marvelous Universe.

The SUNESIS Project finds itself fully active in physical contacts with the extraterrestrial Guides in Brazil and other foreign places.


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